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George W Bush- Rape Allegation and Possible Murder
Wednesday, March 4, 2020 | Subject: George W Bush | Category: ind

Who was Margie Schoedinger and why haven’t you heard her name before? She was a woman who filed a civil suit against at the time sitting President George W. Bush for brutally raping and kidnapping her and her husband in December of 2002 in Sugarland, Texas. She also said that he threatened to kill her. On September 22, 2003 she was found with a bullet to the head and it was declared a suicide - how convenient for the president. Her relatives have disappeared and it was removed from the history of lawsuits in the state of Texas. However I do have a copy of the lawsuit retrieved from the Ft Bend county TX website (I knew It would be removed and I was right) and the copy of the motion to close of the suit by a US Attorney after her death  before they removed it. Email me for a copy.

The ONLY media in the USA to pick up the story was one small local newspaper. 99.99% of Americans have probably never heard of her or this incident. 

You would think that a lawsuit against the sitting President of the United States alleging rape and kidnapping against Margie Schoedinger AND her husband would be newsworthy! The very fact that this story was completely ignored raises major suspicion; the additional fact of her untimely death via a gunshot wound to the head 9 months later further smells to high heaven.

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