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Jesus Ouija Board- Game Claims You Can Talk to Jesus
Friday, April 7, 2023 | Subject: Jesus Ouija Board | Category: business

File this under we cannot make this up. For the low price of $29.95 you can talk with the Lord - or so the game manufacturer claims. In the past we have seen pink Ouija Boards markets towards adolescent girls, but this adds a whole new deceptive twist.

I think it’s safe to assume Jesus isn't the entity you interact with. In case you are unaware of what a Ouija Board is it's a board game where a planchet you hold that is moved by a sprit or entity and answers questions you may have. It's basically a tool to interact with spirits. But Ouija Boards (in the past) do not claim to be God or Jesus. The deception is downright evil.

The Holy Spirit Board can be purchased on Amazon the world’s largest online marketplace by no surprise.

The item description is almost comical if it were not so evil:

** Perfect for churches, prayer groups or just getting together with friends.
** Unlike other spirit boards, this one will NEVER contact evil ghosts or demons, so you can ask your questions with an assured sense of safety.

Enough said, Evil Exposed.

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