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Bank Failures- Time to Bail Out the Babylon Banksters Again
Sunday, March 19, 2023 | Subject: Bank Failures | Category: nwo

Here we go again. The Whole US economy and Federal Reserve banking system can be summed up as one big Ponzi Scheme. As with every Ponzi scheme it eventually collapses, the difference is these Ponzi owners are the hidden hand world banksters. So when their house of cards collapses they use their media tentacles to spread fear among the peasantry that the sky will fall unless we give them trillions to keep their fraud going.

It appears we are nearing 2008 all over again. Too big to fail and bailouts of the rich and their assets. Like most things the masses are miseducated in how the financial system actually works. Most do not know the Federal Reserve is not a federal agency but instead owned by independent international bankers.

We go on and on about the details of the banking system and how it’s not as you believe but this work has been documented thoroughly by others. therefore, suggested reading on the subjects:

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Bank Failures
Time to Bail Out the Babylon Banksters Again

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