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Michelle Lamy- The Gatekeeper for Fame
Tuesday, December 27, 2022 | Subject: Michelle Lamy | Category: ind

Michelle Lamy is a French clothing designer, performer, film producer, and restaurateur, and wife designer of American fashion designer Rick Owens. At the senior age of 78 she oddly hangs out with movie stars and rappers a half century younger than her, most having completely different backgrounds and cultures. On the surface the commonalities don't quite add up. I mean what would a 78 yr. old French woman who speaks broken English have in common with 31 y/o rapper Offset of the Migos for example?

A closer look tends to lead to the conclusion that her "art" is a cover for something far more sinister. Biblically there are dozens of verses that state that the world is Satanically controlled such as 1 John 5:19 “the whole world lies in the power of the evil one".  In every system there is structure and to be notable, famous, or rich in a Satanic system you must acquiesce. Lamy by her visibly dark sinister appearance and overt occult art openly expresses her allegiance to the LEFT-HAND path and it appears she is a gatekeeper or intermediary for those that aspire for worldly fame. Everyone you see or hear in TV, movies, music is complicit and has signed their name (sold their soul), there are no exceptions. Lamy, it seems brings the contracts and hands the pen.

A browse of her Instagram page shows a who’s who in entertainment buddied up with Lamy. From Kim Kardashian, to musicians, to sports stars USA and abroad. One interesting post is the below, simply captioned "DEAL!!!!" It is with the Venezuelan transvestite musician and record producer famous in Spain named Arca. What sort or deal may that be?

Here we have Lamy with Offsett of the MIgos and with the whole group in 2021. Takeoff of the Migos (far right) was murdered in Nov 21 not long after this photo. Offsett is pictured with Lamy many times on her IG they were apperently very close. One can only imigine what "deal" was struck.

Another artist that appears many times buddied up with Lamy is A$AP Rocky the father of singer Rihanna's child. Below is a music video of his doing a satanic ritual in a pentagram. 

When you make a deal with darkness, your gain is temporary, but the exchange is eternal. You soul is eternal. When you die only your SOLID body dies. If you have sold your soul, it's for eternity, you are a slave for eternity. It's a terrible deal, one made in ignorance. 

"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" - Mark 8:36

It appears Lamy is an all-star recruiter as folks are lined up to sign on the line.

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