Coronavirus- The Cryptocurrency Connection Microsoft and 5G
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This is going to be heavy so take a seat, grab a glass of wine or your favorite beverage and get ready for a ride. There is devious, ingenious connection between the Coronavirus pandemic, Microsoft, cryptocurrency and 5G technology. This may in fact be what this is really all about, if not it is one hell of a motive.

OK - Sitting down?

Here goes-

No doubt you have heard about the future cashless society. Well it is almost upon us. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin etc have already been around for about a decade. However you may or may not be aware of what cryptocurrency mining is. It is essential that you understand what this is order to understand the devious plan I'm about to explain. So let me briefly elaborate...

Cryptocurrency mining is basically validating cryptocurrency transactions for money. Since cryptocurrency is not regulated by the fed or controlled by any agency, it is maintained by a network of connected computers. So when a transaction is done it is validated over the internet by someone's computer connected to the network. Validation means making sure the crypto token was not already used and verifying the person actually has the crypto in their cryto wallet to cover the transaction. When this is done the person (miner) gets a reward, money paid in cryptocurrency. Depending on the current price of cryptocurrency it can be a quite a bit of money, $100,000 or more for a block (1 MB) of transactions validated.

With me so far?

OK. So as you probably are thinking it can't be that easy - and you would be correct, its not. For that is only the 1st step in the validation process. The 2nd step is you must guess a 64 digit hexadecimal number or be the one that comes closest to it. This requires great computing power and electricity as there are lots of people validating that same "block" and only one person will win. So you need a super fast computer with extra expensive video cards to process fast to keep making guesses at the hex number faster than other people as only one person will win the "reward" of validation for that particular block of transactions.

So this is what Cryptocurrency mining is all about. So what does this have to do with COVID19, Microsoft and 5G?

On March 26th 2020, Microsoft was granted patent WO2020060606 - CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA. You can view the actual patent and read about it HERE. Basically it enables the human body to mine cryptocurrency, eliminating the need for expensive computers and energy needed to mine currently. Essentially a person can become a walking money generating machine. This energy can then be harvested via 5G - this could be the reason 5G is 1000x faster and has so much greater bandwidth than 4G. It could also be the reason why so many more towers needed to be built, they say there will be one for every 2-8 houses now. This technology can be inserted in the body via VACCINE using nano chip technology.

Think this is Sci-fi? Not quite. Nano-microchips are invisible to the naked eye and is a reality that is already being used in wide-range of applications.

Nanotechnology deals with structures smaller than one nanometer and involves developing materials or devices within that size. To put the size of a nanometer in perspective, it is 100,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair.

Now do you understand why Bill Gates is so giddy about vaccines? His Microsoft money would pale in comparison to what this scheme would bring in. Imagine making money off every transaction, everyday, every second 24 hrs a day worldwide. I'm sure now you can understand his excitement. 

AND - I'm not even going to go into how the patent number is curiously named WO2020060606

WO2020 - Looks like it stands for year 2020
060606 - Looks like 666 

But I'll leave that for you religious people. But whatever you do please pass on.

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