Coronavirus: The COVID Conspiracy
Thursday, April 30, 2020 | Subject: Coronavirus | Category: gov

The Earth is being ravaged not by a "virus" but by a conspiracy concocted decades ago. The Coronavirus is a strain the flu they can't quite even gather definitive symptoms for - it evolves daily almost. Yet its the greatest risk to mankind since the beginning of time. 

The conspiracy end game is for the entire world to be vaccinated. They are using the time proven Hegelian Dialect to manipulate the masses. Thesis (problem) > Antithesis (reaction) Synthesis (solution). The solution "Synthesis" is the vaccine.

Despite all common sense logic, the populous sheep are buying into it hook line and sinker. Social distancing, wearing masks and being anxious and afraid. 

But lets look at some facts and statistics to see if this worldwide scare propaganda resulting in mass hysteria is warranted.

As of this writing:

*  Worldwide there are 3 Million cases of Coronavirus and 220,000 deaths. There are 7.5 BILLION people on earth that means approx 0.012% of people on the planet have contracted - not died from the virus. This is NOT the Black Plague.

* 80% of people that get the virus are over 65 years old. People over 65 are more susceptible to die from the common cold, flu and pretty much every illness due to inherent immune deterioration that comes with age    

* The other 20% of people that are dying are unhealthy / overweight or have some preexisting heath condition. Again this makes them susceptible to die from the common cold, flu and pretty much every other illness

* The CDC is fluidly adding more symptoms to the list a full 2 months after initial breakout in the USA. They don't even have a concrete diagnosis yet advertise daily precise infection statistics down to the single digit

* By the CDC's own admission they call every death in the USA a Coronavirus fatality when someone "tests" positive. So you can die of a heart attack but if you test positive for Coronavirus it is counted as a  Coronavirus death. Yet again they advertise daily precise death statistics.

* Per the CDC 40-60 thousand people die of the flu each year, yet they have an EXACT count on Coronavirus deaths down to the single digit

* Per the WHO 650,000 people die each year from Upper Respiratory Disease which has almost the exact symptoms as the Coronavirus  

* Event 201 a Coronavirus pandemic exercise was held October 18, 2019 at The Pierre hotel
New York - one month before the outbreak. Read about it HERE - Event 201 Global Pandemic Exercise It was sponsored by get this - Johns Hopkins University, who is proving the official contraction and fatality statistics for the real thing. Coincidence I guess. AND it was sponsored by Bill "Mr. Vaccine" Gates who has been wanting to vaccinate the planet for decades. All the usual suspects. 

In order to get the masses to submit to mass vaccination they must instill FEAR. Fear is the greatest control mechanism. Half the people seem afraid enough to follow the Orwellian measures implemented by the government. The remaining will succumb after they are inconvenienced to death and in order to go back "the way things were" will submit to the vaccinations and verification programs. Now we have everyone. Synthesis. 

COVID = Certificate of Vaccination ID - I guess another coincidence. 

Considering these head scratching facts was this worth taking the unprecedented step closing down the entire world or is there another agenda?

You be the judge.

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