Robert F Kennedy Jr: Eviscerates Bill Gates on Vaccines
Monday, April 13, 2020 | Subject: Robert F Kennedy Jr | Category: sci

The son of Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of the greatest and LAST real president of the USA John F. Kennedy is a staunch opponent of vaccination. 

In keeping in line with the long running Kennedy tradition of being for the people and against the hidden government establishment he is telling the truth about vaccines. 

In opposition to even members of his own family who have publicly chastised him in regards to vaccines RFK Jr. continues to bring the FACTS an the heat on corrupt pharma industry.

RFK Jr. is chairman of the board of the Children's Health Defense.  I invite you to please visit the site and educate yourself on the dangers of vaccines, the cover ups and money grabs at the expense of millions of human lives.

His uncle exposed the Illuminati / Secrecy Society / Hidden Government in 1961 and it most likely got him killed. Above is the famous "secret society" speech, he begins at the 6:30 mark.

No doubt RFK Jr. is their scope as well. We often misappropriate the term hero in the USA. JFK Jr. is an American Hero for risking his life for those far less advantaged than him. 

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