Alien Hybrid: Starchild Discovered In China
Sunday, March 13, 2016 | Subject: Alien Hybrid | Category: ufo

A boy has stunned medics with his ability to see in pitch black with eyes that glow in the dark. Doctors have studied Nong Youhui's amazing eyesight since his dad took him to hospital in Dahua, southern China, concerned over his bright blue eyes.

Dad Ling said: "They told me he would grow out of it and that his eyes would stop glowing and turn black like most Chinese people but they never did."
Medical tests conducted in complete darkness show Youhui can read perfectly without any light and sees as clearly as most people do during the day.
Could Nong Youhui be a Hybrid or Starchild? A new and growing generation of extraordinary and gifted children are springing up across our planet, is the human species evolving, or possibly our Extraterrestrial visitors tinkering with our DNA? As always you decide.


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