The Bilderberg Group: This Chart Shows The Bilderberg Groups Connection To Everything In The World
Thursday, February 12, 2015 | Subject: The Bilderberg Group | Category: nwo

The Bilderberg Group is 120-140 powerful people who meet each year to discuss policy. The meetings are closed to the public.

This graph we found on Facebook shows the members' connections to a ton of corporations, charities, policy groups and media. Everyone from Eric Schmidt to George Soros is a member. There are tons of conspiracy theories about the group, including that they control the world economy.

We took the findings with a grain of salt--after all, it's easy to trace an individual to a corporation and the graph doesn't specify what influence the member wielded.

But perhaps it's a compelling argument for why the meetings should be public.

Read more: Business Insider Bilderberg

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