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Diseases And Medial Research- Cure Is A Four Letter Word
Wednesday, March 4, 2020 | Subject: Diseases And Medial Research | Category: sci

FACT: The last major disease cured was Polio in 1955, that is almost 60 years!. In the USA alone 100 BILLION dollars is spent every year on medical research yet they have struck out for 59 years in a row. Considering this fact one of two things are true: Either modern scientists and medical researchers are completely incompetent or cure is not a their goal.

No doubt billions were lost with the cure of Polio, so never again. The money spent on research is a farce, research is a business. A business to milk money and develop drugs for the public to buy to allow you to live with a disease. 

When you contribute to medial research usually as little as 25% actually goes towards the actual research, the rest goes toward the operation of the research "business". It's one of the biggest and most obvious scams going that no one seems to pick up on.


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