Edward Snowden: Releases Classified Photo of US Government Reversed Engineered Alien Aircraft
Saturday, January 16, 2016 | Subject: Edward Snowden | Category: ufo

According to an anonymous Internet source, you are looking at a classified photo of a secret space plane, leaked by Edward Snowden.

Adds the source, "These ships were created from technology taken from Alien spacecraft that have been confiscated since the Truman Administration and reverse engineered at Area 51, Los Alamos, and The Dulce's N.M. Deep Underground Military Base. They are launched into space from the top secret Base on Diego Garcia Island in the Philippines [sic]. Expect Full Disclosure in the coming weeks."

I'm a bit skeptical because the photo is blurry, but then again most alien/UFO photos are. Also our source misreported the location of Diego Garcia, the atoll in the Indian Ocean, but that may have been a function of haste, perhaps with CIA assassins on his heels. The other thing is, it sort of looks like a computer render, but if the aliens have intergalactic travel capability, they could probably create that effect. What do you think?

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